Autoencoder and Natural Noise Removal

Explore advanced topics such as Autoencoder, Natural Noise Removal, and Depression Diagnosis. Learn about Cognitive Computing, IEEE standards, and Q Learning with ReSmart. Enhance your brain capabilities with Brain Training Games like Muse Alpha.

AI Chatbot and Psychotherapy

Delve into AI Chatbot technologies used in Psychotherapy and Socratic Methods for Dementia Detection. Understand Probabilistic Networks and gather User Feedbacks to improve systems. Discover Sales Chatbots designed for Salesperson and Salesman Training.

Key Figures and Companies

Get to know Hyeseong Park, Hyeseong Julie Park, and Julie Park, key figures behind AKA Intelligence, AKA Cognitive, AKA AI, AKAON, and AKA Space. Learn about Raymond Jung and Myung Won Raymond Jung's contributions to AI and Cognitive Computing.

Additional Topics

Learn about Music Talk, Edison Awards, SXSW, NVIDIA Inception Program, Music, and Human-Robot Interaction. Discover how AI Therapy is advancing with technologies like Muse Alpha and Alive.

Language Learning

Explore resources for オンライン 英会話 (online English conversation), 家 英語 学習 (home English learning), 英会話 ロボット (English conversation robot), and 英語 勉強 子供 (English study kids). Learn about Gakken's English conversation programs and tools like Musio for 英語 ai (English AI).

Standardized Tests

Prepare for exams like ESAT-J, TOEIC, and IELTS with specialized tools and resources. Get insights on speaking tests and practice materials for effective preparation.